Enter SIMED New Year's Contest!

SIMED Health Goals 2018 Project New Year's Contest Campaign

To celebrate the New Year and help you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions, we are launching the SIMED Health Goals 2018 Project.

Submit your health-related New Year’s resolution today for a chance to win a $15 Target gift card and get feedback from an experienced physician on how to accomplish your resolution.

Here’s How You Can Benefit:

You can submit your resolution here:
SIMED Health Goals 2018 Form

Submissions close January 2. One applicant will be randomly selected to receive the $15 gift card.


Once we have all submissions, we will:

Contest Entry Information Listing Ideas for Health New Year's Resolutions with Photos


1. Select three to five New Year’s resolution from those submitted to feature.

2. Get feedback from SIMED physicians on how to best accomplish those resolutions.

3. Post the resolutions and feedback on the website and social media so everybody can benefit. 

We are excited to see what healthy New Year’s resolutions you all have for 2018, and we can’t wait to help you accomplish them. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook so you can see if your New Year’s resolution was selected!


The content of your submission may be used in future marketing. We will only use your contact information to alert you if you are a prize winner. Anyone is eligible to participate in the contest; however, current SIMED employees are not eligible to receive a prize. Prizes must be picked up at a SIMED location.

Winners of the SIMED Healthy Kids Coloring Contest

Winners of Healthy Kids coloring contest announced.

For the month of August, SIMED held the Healthy Kids Coloring Contest to encourage children to think about what makes them feel healthy. Children were asked to draw what made them feel healthy, and they delivered.

We had many amazing drawings, and it was difficult to pick two winners for the $30 prizes. 

Before we reveal the winners, we ask you check out all our awesome submissions.


View the submissions here.


2017 SIMED Healthy Kids Coloring Contest Winners

For the 6 and under age group, the winner is:
Ella Fausnaught, 5

drawing by a little girl of fruits and vegetables in a garden

Ella's drawing combined both healthy activities and healthy eating. We like how she drew the fruit and vegetables in the garden. In her drawing, she showed she liked healthy eating, getting outside, and getting active. Keep up the great work, Ella!

For the 7 to 11 age group, the winner is:
Starry Caban, 8

drawing by a girl of what makes her feel healthy which is dancing in front of a rainbow background on a stage

We like all the colors Starry used and that she filled the whole page. Dancing is a great way to stay healthy and a fun way to get your exercise. Great job, Starry!

Winners have been contacted to pick up the prize with the information provided on the contest submissions. Thank you so much to everyone who entered. We loved seeing everything that made you feel healthy and all your colorful drawings.

Eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, exercising, going to the doctor and even using the restroom are all ways we can stay healthy. Being healthy can be fun!

Remember to check out the rest of the submissions that everyone worked so hard on.

View the submissions here.

Enter the SIMED Healthy Kids Coloring Contest

Balloons and Confetti on Flyer announcing the SIMED Healthy Kids Coloring Contest
It’s time to head back to school, and SIMED is thrilled to announce our 2017 Kids Coloring Contest for children 11 years old and under to promote healthy living. The theme is “I feel healthy when.” Children: draw or paint pictures of exercising, eating healthy, going to the doctor or whatever makes you feel healthy!

Your photo could be featured on SIMED’s website and social media, and two lucky children will win a $30 Target gift card.

SIMED Healthy Kids Contest Form

SIMED Healthy Kids Art Contest Flyer with Crayons, paper, children drawing and information

It’s easy to enter! Follow these three steps:

1. Pick up a drawing form at one of SIMED’s locations or download and print it out here: SIMED Healthy Kids Contest Form
2. Fill out the required information.
3. Have your child draw what makes them feel healthy, whether it’s exercising, eating healthy snacks, going to the doctor or more!

Parents, when your child is finished with their drawing, submit it easily with one of four options:

1. Drop it off at a SIMED office
2. Mail it in to Digital Marketing, 4343 Newberry Road, Suite 18, Gainesville, Florida, 32607
3. Email it to
4. Send it to us as a message on social media!

The deadline to enter is August 31st. Good luck!

Information for the adults:

Each Sunday, drawings submitted earlier in the week will be featured on our Facebook so make sure to follow us and share your child’s drawing to show support.
Children 11 years old and younger are eligible to enter.
There are two age groups:
Age group 1: Children 6 and under
Age group 2: Children 7 to 11
One child in each age group will be selected to take home the prize, a $30 Target gift card.
The deadline to enter the contest is August 31st, and the winners will be announced September 3rd.
The child must draw on the paper provided. Age will be taken into account when evaluating the drawings for skill and difficulty level. A team of unbiased staff will be selected to decide upon the winner.
Children can only submit one entry; however, there can be multiple submissions per family.
You do not have to be a SIMED patient to submit your child’s drawing for the contest; however, participants will need to pick up the prize at a SIMED location. Staff members are welcome to enter as well.
All information must be filled out to be eligible for the prize. The prize cannot be exchanged for its monetary value.
SIMED reserves the right to use all submitted drawings in promoting the practice. If cheating is suspected SIMED has the right to ask for proof of skill and ability.