Are You At Risk For Colon Cancer?

colon cancer,

As we get older, the risk of developing colorectal cancer increases. here is more info from SIMED on how to stop this preventable cancer.

Lose Weight and Eat Healthy: Learn How

Eating a healthy breakfast can lead to weight loss

View advice on how to achieve weight loss and a healthy food lifestyle provided by a SIMED Primary Care physician. Learn weight loss vs. healthy eating.

Weight Loss Tips for Healthy Weight

Weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight are important to avoid health problems

 Learn when, why, and how to lose weight and succeed. Find answers to questions people have when they realize they might want to lose weight.

AIDS: Learn Symptoms, Prevention, More

Image of woman with red shawl against a brick wall and statistics about HIV infection.

AIDS is a virus that impacts people all over the world and from all walks of life. Learn prevention, treatment, and more.

Common Cold: Guide to Treatment and Medication

Tips to Treat Your Common Cold

Learn what a cold is, what medications you should take if you have the cold, and how you can treat the symptoms. Find out when you should see a doctor.

Construction Begins on New Clinic with Improved Patient Care

Construction began at Gainesville SIMED building 4343 on the new and updated primary care unit

As SIMED continues to grow to meet the needs of our community, we are excited to announce the construction of our new “clinic of the future”. 

Cooking Hacks for Healthy Heart

cooking with healthy ingredients in bowls with knife

We know our patients love cooking and eating, so we spoke with our resident chef in Gainesville, SIMED ARNP Michelle Green, about how to make great tasting healthy foods. Learn her easy hacks for healthy cooking including grocery shopping and food substitute tips.

It's Flu Shot Time Again (Already?)

Don't get sick. Get the flu shot. A woman blows her nose.

It may seem like we just finished up the last Flu season however it’s time to start considering getting this season’s Flu shot. 

Healthy Eating Tips for the Heart

Two Heart Shaped Bowls of Healthy Fruit

Join us as we look into the best foods for a strong heart and healthy cholesterol level for National Cholesterol Month and Healthy Heart Day.

Healthy Aging Tips for National Healthy Aging Month

Healthy aging older man smiling with hands wide on the beach

We talked to Dr. Mary Hurd, a practicing SIMED Primary Care physician, who provided tips on healthy aging for National Healthy Aging Month (September).