Can Keeping the Same Doctor Help You Live Longer?

Back long ago, when cities were smaller, and doctors were fewer people only had one or two choices for their primary care physician. That physician then became their doctor and their family’s doctor for life. There are now studies that show that keeping the same doctor for most of a person's life can help them live longer. We talked to Dr. Jones about why this is.

Why should patients establish a relationship with their providers? Is this beneficial? If so, how?

First off, Dr. Jones says that it is essential to have a primary care physician in general. Yearly visits to a primary care doctor can reduce the risks of getting sick and increase chances of catching life-threatening illnesses early.

Secondly, seeing a doctor annually can establish a stable doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Jones says, "Having a good doctor-patient relationship helps provide best-needed care. Over time medical care is more focused, and if specialists are involved, it is more coordinated."

 What health benefits can come out of an established provider-patient relationship if any?

The most significant benefit of long term care is trust. With trust, the patients feel like they can more freely share information. The doctor can take that and provide screenings, vaccinations, acute illness care, and management of chronic medical conditions, Dr. Jones says.


Does keeping the same provider save money?

Dr. Jones says, “Having one health care provider can save money instead of repeating tests or trying a therapy that has been ineffective in the past.” That provider knows the patient's history and can make more informed choices as opposed to a doctor that has never seen the patient before that has to start from the beginning.

Dr. Jones says, “Health care has become very complicated and fragmented; having a primary care physician can be like having an anchor in a storm.” Click here to learn more about Dr. Jones and schedule an appointment with him today.