Simed Opens Clinic of The Future

Over one month ahead of schedule, SIMED has completed the renovation of its primary care clinic. The new offices of Dr. Lefkowitz, Svestka and Roque open Wednesday, February 28, and feature updates to help doctors and staff deliver the highest quality of care.  

“I will miss my colleagues in suite 11, but I am looking forward to working with the new staff in Suite 7 and working with a new system that will enhance patient care and the patient experience,” said Dr. Shelley Roque referring to SIMED's new electronic check-in system.

With this system, patients can securely check in for appointments, fill out paperwork and send their medical history directly to their primary care doctor. They will also be able to verify health insurance and securely pay for their visit.  

The patient's medical and financial information is private, secure and never stored in a physical location. Click here for more information on this technology.

"I am most excited about beginning the process of shifting our patients' time at their doctor's office to a more welcoming, relaxed and enjoyable experience," said Dr. Eric Svestka 

Suite 7, in SIMED's Gainesville 4343 location, has been redesigned to improve convenience and accessibility for primary care patients. With a new color scheme and lots of sunlight peering through the windows, this suite will provide a calming atmosphere to current and future SIMED patients.


Take a look at the new primary care suite below!


SIMED Unveils New Electronic System

Poster for SIMED's New Digital Check-In

SIMED will initiate a new faster, more secure check-in system in select clinics.

The new electronic check-in system will replace traditional check-in at SIMED Neurology and SIMED Neurosurgery in Gainesville on February 6th. On February 7th, SIMED Primary Care Suite 15 and Chiefland Primary Care will begin using the system.

Patients of these clinics will experience a faster, more private check-in experience. If the trial proves successful, the new check-in system will be integrated throughout all SIMED locations.

Quick, Secure Check-In

With the new check-in system, you will be able to fill out your information by text message or email. When your appointment approaches, you will get a notification to fill out your information in advance saving you time in office.

Once you arrive, you will be able to complete your registration on one of the available electronic pads. After you check in, your health information will be sent to the doctor you’re seeing.

The new electronic check-in system meets the strict security requirements of the healthcare industry to ensure patients are protected. All the information you enter is private, secure, and never stored in a physical location.

Improved Patient CareFlyer for SIMED's New Check-In System

With an automated check-in system, our clinic staff will now have more time to deliver personalized care to each patient. Physicians will be able to quickly pull up and add to patient files and will be able to spend more time delivering care to patients.

SIMED clinics will also be able to send you reminders when you need to schedule another appointment to ensure you stay on top of your health.

Safe, Efficient Payment

We will be able to verify your insurance coverage prior to your exam, and you will be able to pay all copays and balances in a secure environment with the new system.

The system is PCI-compliant, registered as an approved solution with Visa and MasterCard, and uses top encryption and security technology to protect your financial information.

Your credit card information will never be saved in the system, and staff members will also only be able to see the last four digits of your credit card number to ensure the data is unusable in the event of a breach.


At SIMED, we are always looking for ways to improve patient care, and we are excited to begin to offer this new more efficient, secure system.

To request an appointment with
SIMED Neurology, call 352-374-2222
SIMED Neurosurgery, call 352-332-7246
SIMED Primary Care, call 352-224-2225
Or you can request an appointment online.

SIMED Staff Recognize Patients Impact on Lives

SIMED staff recognizes our incredible patients during Patient Recognition Week

February 1 - 7 is officially known as Patient Recognition Week. While staff at SIMED always appreciates our wonderful, pleasant, and thoughtful patients, we wanted to give our employees the opportunity to express their thanks.

We spoke with five staff members and asked them what impact their patients had on their lives. We were touched by the answers and warmed to know that our staff rely on their patients just as much as the patients rely on them.

Read what they had to say, and Happy Patient Recognition Week.


SIMED Patient Recognition Week 2018


1.  Stacia Martinez, SIMED Gainesville Primary Care, Suite 15

"There’s a bunch of good things I like about my patients. I like the fact we’re very personal with each other. It feels like a second family in a way. When they come in, they smile because they know me. If they’re having a bad day or if they're having a good day, they’ll let me know. They give off a good vibe and are very happy."

Stacia Martinez at SIMED Primary Care in Gainesville says her patients are like her family.

You can schedule an appointment with Stacia's clinic at (352) 375-6279 or online.

2. Kathy Watson, SIMED Gainesville Arthritis Center

"Our patients are not just our patients to me. They become part of my family! I am so glad I am here to help take care of you. I will always greet you with a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing your life with me." 

Kathy Watson in the SIMED Gainesville Arthritis Center says her patients are her family.

Schedule an appointment with SIMED Rheumatology in Gainesville at (352) 378-5173 or online.

3. Sharon Schaefer, SIMED Ocala Allergy & Asthma

"I got into health care so I could make a difference in someone's life. I never thought it would be the other way around! My life has been changed and blessed because of my patients."

Sharon Schaefer, at SIMED Ocala Allergy and Ashma, shares that her patients make a difference in her life.

Schedule an appointment with SIMED Allergy & Asthma in Ocala by calling (352) 547-1016 or request an appointment online.

4. Kelly Brown, Chiefland Primary Care

"I appreciate our patients for allowing and trusting me with their healthcare needs. They are the reason I get to come to work and do what I love. It's a great feeling to know I was ablt to help them."

Kelly Brown, in SIMED Chiefland Primary Care, says her patients are the reason she gets to do what she loves.

Schedule an appointment with SIMED Chiefland Primary Care at (352) 490-5100 or online.

5. Judea Wanton, SIMED Gainesville Pulmonology, Suite 6

"Thank you for your part in my journey. I wouldn't be here without you. Happy Patient Recognition Week!"

Judea Wanton, SIMED Pulmonology, says she wouldn't be here without her patients for Patient Recognition Week.

You can schedule an appointment with SIMED Pulmonology by calling (352) 375-0302 or requesting an appointment online.

Ask any of our staff members, and with a smile, they'll tell you something great about SIMED patients. You all are truly the best. While we may not tell you every day, we couldn't think of anyone else we'd rather have in our family. So, Happy Patient Recognition Week!

SIMED, Digestive Disease Associates Form New Healthcare System

SIMED Proud to Introduce SIMED Health with Digestive Disease Associates

Southeastern Integrated Medical has exciting news for you about our future.

SIMED and Digestive Disease Associates of North Florida Inc. (“DDA”) will combine practices to create a new multi-specialty health system. The new health system, SIMED Health, LLC, will bring our efforts together and strengthen our ability to provide patients with quality, cost-effective healthcare.

Benefits to Patients of the New Healthcare System

1.Same Great Experience You Expect
The immediate impact will be minimal for our patients. You should expect the same great experiences you have become comfortable with at SIMED and DDA to continue under SIMED Health. The staff, physicians, and locations will all stay the same.

2. Electronic Records & Connectivity
Your medical records will remain in the same secure location. However, over time, electronic connectivity between the different locations will develop and enhance the efficiency with which your healthcare provider obtains your information.

3. Improvement in Healthcare Experience
By combining resources, SIMED Health will have unparalleled data analysis capabilities. Using data, SIMED Health physicians will have access to resources only available to larger practices. They will be able to examine how to deliver efficient, effective healthcare to you focusing on your experiences and improved outcomes.

Benefits to the Communities of the New Healthcare System

1. Higher Quality of Care
Based on peer review statistics from the region, SIMED physicians score in the highest percentiles on quality metrics. This means SIMED patients are more likely to receive care that achieves their desired results. The same statistics also show that the SIMED patient’s total cost of care is lower than average. We all benefit from bringing the knowledge SIMED has acquired over years of achieving these results to other physicians in our communities.

2. Greater Healthcare Options within the Community
While there are times large healthcare systems are necessary, in most situations, the same quality healthcare can be provided at independent healthcare facilities and practices.  Independent healthcare is important to ensure we all have lower cost, higher quality treatment options available to us, and SIMED provides a proven foundation and opportunity for independent healthcare groups to remain strong and viable.

3. Lower the Cost of Health Care
When healthcare is attached to a hospital system, the cost increases dramatically. It is everyone’s responsibility to try to lower the total cost of healthcare, and we take that responsibility seriously. We understand that for many patients, the out-of-pocket healthcare expenses are skyrocketing.

SIMED Health will continue to serve our communities and offer more opportunities for improved affordability of healthcare.  Our communities will continue to benefit as we develop and expand opportunities for physicians to be part of a reliable, sustainable, independent network of medical groups.

Benefits to SIMED Health Employees

1. Sustained Relevance
The topics mentioned above provide a secure foundation upon which our healthcare system will remain a viable, relevant system for the indefinite future.

2. Greater Opportunities
By increasing our employee numbers, we anticipate enhanced benefit packages and the ability to further amplify our staff and manager development programs.

We are so excited to involve everyone in this new venture. Please continue to check back for updates.

More details will follow as we move closer to SIMED Health beginning operations April 1, 2018.


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SIMED Welcomes Dr. Cuesta & Foot & Ankle Center

SIMED is excited to announce the opening of the new Foot & Ankle Center and welcome Dr. Cuesta!

Dr. Cuesta is board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. He has studied at several universities including Florida International University, University of South Florida and University of Osteopathic Medicine & Health Sciences, College of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery. His residency was spent in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Metropolitan Hospital, Central Division and he completed his fellowship at the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons. Dr. Cuesta understands that your feet and ankles are extremely important. Almost everything you do requires the use of your feet and ankles; taking a walk, participating in physical activity, performing at work, and enjoying leisure activities. Dr. Cuesta can help improve your comfort and functionality. At the Foot & Ankle Center, Dr. Cuesta and his staff offer state of the art medical and surgical care for a wide variety of foot and ankle problems.                              

Some of the conditions treated are:
·         Chronic Achilles Tendon Problems
·         Generalized Ankle Pain- Arthroscopic Surgery
·         Bunion/Hammertoe Deformities with Special Interests in Recurrent Deformities
·         Painful Adult Flatfoot
·         Painful Joints due to Degenerative Joint Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Trauma
·         Dropfoot
·         Ankle Instability, Recurrent Ankle Sprains
·         Congenital Deformities
·         Nerve Compressions
·         Heel Pain
·         Sports Injuries
·         Diabetic Complications
·         Diabetic Foot Care
·         Wound Care
·         Orthoses, Bracing, and Assistive Devices

Products we provide:
·        Walking Fracture Boots
·        Plantar Fascial Night Splints
·        Over- the – Counter Orthotics
·        Custom-molded Orthotics
·        Crutches
·        Various Foot and Ankle Braces
·        Splints for Bunion and Hammertoe deformities

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Cuesta today!

SIMED | Podiatry / Foot & Ankle Center
4343 W. Newberry Rd | Suite 1 | Gainesville, FL 32607 
Phone: 352-331-3077


Hurt on the Job? Do you know what to do?

Dr. Martin, a physician at SIMED Urgent Care, states that over 50% of his patients are visiting due to work related injuries. The most common injuries are related to the back, knees and ankles.

There are simple things you can do to reduce the chance of accidental injury: look where you are going, be alert of your surroundings, lift with your legs and not your back, do not lift more than you can carry, and be properly trained with equipment you are using.

However, no matter how hard you try, accidents do happen and SIMED Urgent Care is here to help!

When injured on a job site, report the accident to your supervisor immediately. If you feel you have sustained life threating injuries, call 911. For any other type of minor injury, your options are the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care center.

“Unless the patient has sustained a life threatening injury, visiting urgent care is the patient best option. Compared to the ER, the patient is likely to save time & money by visiting SIMED Urgent Care. Also, if they need to see a specialist, it is likely that we can get them into see a SIMED specialist on the same day.”
– Dr. Martin, MD, SIMED Urgent Care

In addition to diagnosing on the job accidents, SIMED Urgent Care provides physical exams, general medical care and occupational medicine as part of the practice. For whatever medical emergency may arise, SIMED Urgent Care will see, diagnose and treat you the same day! If you have any issues that need to be looked at closer, SIMED offers imaging and lab testing. For most situations, SIMED Urgent Care will have the supplies you need for recovery, and, if needed, can get prescriptions ready for you on site.

SIMED Urgent Care is familiar with the procedures that need to be followed when filling a claim through Workers Compensation and/or Occupational Medicine. For more information on how SIMED Urgent Care can meet your health needs visit  SIMED Urgent Care.

SIMED Urgent Care accepts walk-ins Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
Located in Gainesville, FL 4343 Newberry Road
Contact SIMED Urgent Care at 352.373.2340 

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