Learn How to Massage: Give the Perfect Holiday Gift

One person giving another person a shoulder massage.
The holidays are almost here, and SIMED Massage Therapist Eze Guillermo in Gainesville wants you to be able to give the perfect gift to your friends, family, and loved ones. 
In the videos below, he goes over how to give a perfect back, neck, and shoulder massage. The massages will help relieve stress and neck pain that can build up during heavy computer use and other activities.
Below, we review step-by-step how to give a good neck massage. Enjoy!

Before You Begin the Neck Massage

Before starting the massage, make sure your friend or loved one is lying down face up on a bed, couch, or comfortable spot on the floor. Make sure their arms are up against the sides of their body. 
Place one of your hands gently under your friend’s neck as support.

Neck Massage

1. Start by doing a stroke along the base of your friend or loved one’s neck down towards the person’s back with your fingertips. Make sure your fingers push down enough to stretch the levator scapulae muscle.
2. If you feel any tense tissue or muscle, stop moving your hand along the path and leave your fingers pressed into the tense area to relieve the stress.
3. While working the muscle or shoulder point, you can gently squeeze the back of the neck to relieve tension with your other hand.
4. Once you have worked out the kink in the muscle, you can continue down the path towards the back of the neck.
5. Lightly pinch and pull with the base of your thumb the traps or the muscle at the base of your neck at the back of your body next to your shoulder. Squeeze deeper into the base of the neck and slowly pull outwards along the muscle.
6. Switch to pressing your knuckles gently into traps (muscles on the top of your back at the base of your neck). Press into the muscle with your knuckle and slowly turn your muscle a few degrees clockwise and repeat.
7. Next, find the bone behind the person’s ear. Slide your fingers off the bone, down towards the tissue below it.
8. With one or two fingertips, begin to glide down the side of the neck towards the base.
9. Don’t forget to ask your friend or loved one how the pressure feels against their neck. Always make sure to check in with the person you are massaging to ensure they feel okay. 
10. Follow the stroke down the neck to the squishy cave at the base of the neck. Then follow along the cave at the base of neck around the back of the neck.
11. Slide your fingers up and down the muscles on the side of the neck.
12. Finish by curling your fingers a small amount and gliding them along up from the base of the neck towards the back of the head. You’ll eventually hit a stop at a part of the skull called the sub-occipital ridge. Lightly pull the head away from the body to stretch and separate the muscles and bones. 
13. Glide your hands slowly away from the person’s neck.
14. That completes your message!
Your friend should be feeling great and grateful after you’ve finished your massage. If reading the instruction wasn’t enough, you can also watch the video below that illustrates how to give a neck massage. Then, watch the video on how to do a proper back and shoulder massage. 

Watch the video on how to do a neck massage:

Watch the video on how to do a back and shoulder massage:

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Back Education Classes Now in Ocala, the Villages

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Does your back pain limit you?

SIMED Physical Therapy now offers Back Education Classes in Ocala and the Villages.

In this ONE hour class, you will learn:

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Women's Health Physical Therapy Available Today

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Did you know SIMED offers Women's Health Physical Therapy? Reclaim control of your body.

SIMED offers women's health physical therapy at our Gainesville, Ocala, and Lady Lake locations. 

You can get treatment for: 
- Muscle Weakness
  - Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction
  - Frequency and Urgency Issues
  - Incontinence - Bowel and Bladder Leakage
- Pelvic and Perineal Pain
- Low Back Pain
- Post Prostate Procedures
- Cystocele and Rectocele

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Filamae Garnica, SIMED's Women's Health Physical Therapist in Gainesville, Ocala, and Lady Lake


Meet the SIMED Women's Health Physical Therapist:

Filamae Garnica will be working with patients for the Women's Health Physical Therapy.

She is knowledgable and trained to treat conditions specific to women.

She can recognize and help patients with a variety of problems and help them restore control over their bodies.

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SIMED Physical Therapist Cindy Miller Featured in Magazine

Innovation Ocala featured SIMED Physical Therapist Cindy Miller and SIMED Physical Therapy in their October magazine. 

Helping People Heal Well, Move Well, and Live Well

Cindy Miller's innovative treatment strategies provide one-on-one, customized care and a lasting difference in your health.

Submitted by Cindy Miller, Clinic Manager and Therapist, Fit For Life Physical Therapy and SIMED Physical Therapy

Walking into Cindy's office, you won't be surprised to see New York Yankees memorabilia - to include several shots of Derek Jeter - and Florida Gator’s logos. Her love for sports and staying active has enabled her to strive for excellence in her career as a physical therapy assistant and clinic manager. Her upbeat, vibrant personality is one of many character traits that keep patients motivated and committed throughout some of the hardest times in their life! ~ Christina Chinenden

Cindy Miller Physical Therapy Article in Innovation Ocala

Q: What is your business and what kinds of things do you provide for the community?

A: I am employed with Fit For Life Physical Therapy and SIMED Physical Therapy as a Therapist and Clinic Manager. We provide quality one on one Physical Therapy from a hands on manual based approach. We treat various orthopedic disorders, post-operative rehab such as joint replacements, rotator cuff repairs and spinal surgeries, gait and balance disorders, vertigo and woman's health, just to name a few. Along with quality physical therapy care, education to our patients is an integral part of our process. By taking the time with them to explain the issues we have found, our approach is aimed to help them return to function and lifelong tools to maintain their gains they have made in therapy is essential.

Q: What does Ocala mean to you?

A: To me, 0cala is a melting pot. We have a very diverse community here which makes working with people even more enjoyable. We have the locals that grew up here, those who are here after retiring from the north, and people of all ages that are moving from South Florida looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the southern cities.

Q: What most prominent quality makes a successful leader?

A: My proactive approach and leading by example. Customer service is key. Spending time with patients is key. I try to make my patients feel like they are part of our family versus just a number and hope that my staff recognizes that and follows my lead.

Q:What advice would you give to young professionals?

A: Don't stop learning once you graduate. To me, the learning process of treating patients just begins when you start employment. Utilize your veteran peers for continued knowledge, skills and growth.

Q: What do you envision for the future?

A: Continued growth for our company. Great things are to come on the horizon!

Q:What is your favorite verse or quote?

A: "lmpossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. lt's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.“ -Muhammad Ali

Q: What makes you different from other businesses or other people in your field?

A: Our one on one approach. You will not just be brought in to our clinic, put in a room on modalities then transferred out to our gym to perform an unsupervised exercise program.

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: Continuing to always try and better myself. Not to become stagnant. 0h...and Gator Football and Yankees Baseball!

Cindy Miller is a Physical Therapist Assistant and Clinic Manager of the Southern Market at Fit For Life Physical Therapy and SIMED Rehabilitation Physical Therapy, a seasoned
therapist of 16+ years with specialties in manual therapy, sports medicine, cervical disorders, cervicogenic and migraine headaches and gait and balance disorders. To learn more. please visit their website at or call her at 352-351-5019 (Ocala) or 352.259.0842 (Lady Lake).

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Pulmonary Therapy Now at SIMED

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Need help getting back on your feet? Introducing SIMED Pulmonary Therapy!

In Pulmonary Therapy, experienced physical and respiratory therapists under the supervision of the physician will help you improve your overall function and wellbeing.

With Pulmonary Therapy, you'll be able to:
- Improve on walking, dressing, and performing various chores
- Learn breathing and energy conservation techniques to maximize oxygen intake
- Perform simple exercises for the arms, torso and legs to build endurance

Patients with breathing difficulties including COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, and dyspnea qualify for this life changing program.

The program has 1 to 3 sessions each week for up to 12 weeks and is covered by most insurance plans.

Participate with a referral from a SIMED physician. Contact SIMED Physical Therapy today! 352-373-6565

This program is available at our Gainesville location, 4343 Newberry Road, Suite 4.

Flyer for new SIMED Pulmonary Therapy program