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Are you prepared for the Ragweed Season?
August 18, 2014
SIMED Allergy & Asthma | Ragweed AllergiesFall, the time of year where we get to enjoy our seasonal change is just around the corner. We trade in the sweltering hot, dog days of summer for the cool crisp days of autumn. The leaves change, the days get shorter and the nights get longer. The Fall season brings many changes to not only our weather but to the environment surroundings as well.

At SIMED Allergy & Asthma the Fall season means Ragweed Season for our patients and a significant increase in allergic reactions. Ragweed usually begins in the late part of summer around the Labor Day holiday and it peaks in mid September and last up to November. For some people, pollen is a nuisance, for other it really interferes with daily living such as having a constant runny nose. constant sneezing especially in the morning, itchy eyes wihich you cannot scratch enough. Some may also even develop asthma symptoms.

What could you do if you have Ragweed Allergy?
One possible way is to minimize outdoor activities early in the morning, stay indoors in air-conditioned environment, and wash off quickly when you come indoors. If avoidance is not possible, you may try over the counter antihistamines good for itchy eyes, itchy nose, & sneezing but you need to take them on regular, preventive basis during your individual pollen season which may vary from weeks to months. Steroid nose sprays are one of the best medications available for nasal congestion which used to require a prescription.

If medications do not work or you are not "a


SIMED Health Series Coming in September
August 12, 2014
SIMED is pleased to announce the return of our educational Health Series.  Beginning in September, SIMED will host weekly seminars on a variety of topics including back pain, arthritis, stroke and headaches.

These seminars are FREE and open to the public.  Seating is limited, so please call (352) 224-2200 to reserve your space today!

SIMED Health Series
Click on the image above to download a digital flyer and map.

Joint Health 101
August 11, 2014
SIMED Physical Therapy works hand in hand with our SIMED team of providers to ensure our patients not only get the highest quality physical therapy but to educate our patients in preventive care. Our team of therapists and physicians believe that with the proper preventive care we can heal injuries and prevent futures ones from developing. Here, our very own Mark Juario, PT shares some Joint Health 101 with us.
SIMED Physcial Therapy | Gainesville, Florida
Understanding Our Joints
A joint is the connection between two bones which allow the surrounding structures like the elbow, knees and back to bend, turn the head or wave with our fingers. The synovium and synovial fluid cushions the joints so bones do not rub together. But increasing age, injury, poor posture and being overweight can cause an increase in wear and tear of the cartilage causing damage to the joints and lead to arthritis.
The best way to care for our joints is to keep them and the muscles, ligaments, and bones strong and stable. Here are some tips for good joint health.

Exercise for Healthy Joints
Exercise can help you lose extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight. Research suggests aerobic exercise can reduce joint swelling and if high impact exercises bothers your joints, opt for a low impact exercise like swimming or bicycling. For people who are confined to a desk job, try to change positions frequently, take frequent breaks and stretch!

Watching Your Weight
Keeping your weight within a healthy range is the best thing you can do for your joint


SIMED Welcomes Wendell Colberg, MD
August 1, 2014

SIMED Welcomes Neurologist LaTeya Foxx, DO
July 7, 2014
LaTeya Foxx, DO

SIMED Welcomes Family Physician Eric Svestka, MD
July 1, 2014
Eric Svestka Intro Ad

SIMED Patient Portal
June 2, 2014
The SIMED Patient Portal is a unique way for you to view you health information, request appointments, request prescription refills or search for billing information on your patient account all at the click of a button.  The Patient Portal is secure and contains your health information from all of your SIMED doctors. You can even download and print out your health information from the comfort of your own home.

To begin using the Patient Portal you will need to visit your SIMED physician's office and request your PIN#.  PIN numbers are unique and may only be used once to setup your personal portal account.  For security reasons, and to ensure that only you have access to your portal account, PIN numbers may not be given over the phone or via email.

Once you have your PIN# you can click on the
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We've put together this brief video to show you some of the things you can do with your new patient portal account.


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