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SIMED Celebrates Medical Laboratory Professionals Week April 20 – 26, 2014
April 21, 2014
Medical Laboratory Professionals Week is an annual celebration of the laboratory professionals who play a vital roleSIMED Celebrates National Lab Week in every aspect of health care.  Since they often work behind the scenes, few people know about the critical testing they perform every day.
The theme for Medical Laboratory Week, “Laboratory Professionals Get Results”, demonstrates the close ties between correct diagnoses in the laboratories and the best outcomes for patients. Lab Week is a time to honor the more than 300,000 medical laboratory professionals around the country who perform more than 10 billion laboratory tests in the U.S. every year.  Of that number, SIMED laboratory performed over 600,000 tests.
When we talk about medical laboratory professionals, we include all of the individuals who participate in the laboratory testing process at all the locations within SIMED.  This applies to the medical assistants, clinical assistants & phlebotomists who order, collect & process laboratory specimens.  It also includes the laboratory technicians, technologists, cytologists, histologists, and pathologists who test, interpret, and issue patient reports. These are the people we recognize during Medical Laboratory Week.
So take a minute during Medical Laboratory Week to pat these professionals on the back for doing a good job, not just for the week, but all year long.
So, to all my fellow laboratory professionals, I wish you all a “Happy Medical Laboratory Week”.

Jack Hayes, MHM, M.T.(ASCP)
Laboratory Manager

Attention SIMED Medipass Patients
April 9, 2014
SIMED values you as our patient.  We want you to be aware of this important information regarding your insurance plan.

Medipass will no longer be available in our area starting May 1, 2014.  Letters from Florida Medicaid are in the process of being sent out to you (or you may have received one already).  The letters from Florida Medicaid will ask you to select a Medicaid managed care plan.  If you do not select a plan, Medicaid will assign you to one.

If you would like to continue to receive care from your SIMED doctor, you must select Prestige.

As soon as you receive your letter from Florida Medicaid, please call the Medicaid Help line at 877-711-3662 and follow the prompts:

  • Select your language (for example, English is #1)
  • Listen to the message
  • Press #1 to speak with someone to change your plan
  • Press #1 again, to speak with someone
  • A person (Medicaid Choice Counselor) will come on the line to help you enroll in a Florida Medicaid managed care plan.

Prestige is the only Medicaid HMO plan that SIMED doctors accept.

If you want to know more about Prestige and the benefits they provide, please call them at (888) 611-0786.

Call your SIMED doctor’s office if you have questions about our participation in Florida Medicaid health plans or if we may be of further assistance to you.

Patient Portal is Coming!
April 3, 2014

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