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Happy Thanksgiving
November 25, 2014
SIMED and The Villages Nurses Club Talk About Health
November 19, 2014
Earlier this month SIMED Arthritis Center physicians Stephanie Ingram, M.D. and Thomas Lafferty, M.D. along with SIMED Primary Care physician Seth Perkins, M.D., addressed an audience of over 150 members of the Villages Nurses Club at their November meeting.  This group consists of several hundred working and retired nurses that make their home SIMED Health | Villages Nurses Talkin and around The Villages, which is served by SIMED’s Lady Lake office.

The physicians spoke on three important topics for The Villages population—osteoporosis, arthritis and leading a proactive lifestyle.  Dr. Ingram noted, “This is a very interesting group.  They’re our patient population, especially for the health issues faced by mature women, and at the same time they’re experienced health professionals who have keen interest in new protocols, treatments and lifestyle changes like exercise”.  The assembly was particularly interested in the differences between Rheumatoid, Psoriatic and Osteoarthritis by origin, symptoms and diagnostic cues.

SIMED providers have presented important medical topics at the Villages Nurses Club for three years, including lively talks by SIMED Hand Center physician Cynthia Harding, M.D. on carpal tunnel and Dupuytren’s Contracture. SIMED Interventional Pain Management physician Daniel Schaffer, M.D. has previously spoken on the topic of back pain and Supernatural Wellness, - a nutritional and supplment program. SIMED physicians and staff are available to address groups of any size on a variety of medical and lifestyle topics.  Contact us at (352) 224-2200 for details.

Diabetes Awareness Month
November 10, 2014

Diabetes Mellitus is a growing American epidemic.  This common metabolic disease is due to glucose (sugar) being at a high level in the blood stream over a prolonged period of time.  Untreated Diabetes can result in damage to many organs and systems resulting in long term, and often life-threatening body changes. We have recently interviewed SIMED Primary SIMED Health | Diabetes AwarenessCare’s Daniel Duncanson, MD about this issue.

What is Diabetes?
“The elevated glucose levels occurring with Diabetes is a result of not enough insulin being present when needed.  The inadequate insulin levels can be due to the pancreas not producing enough insulin or the body not responding to the insulin.”  

What are the complications of Diabetes?  
“The complications of poorly controlled Diabetes include:  heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, poor wound healing, skin ulcers or pigment changes, and/or eye damage possibly resulting in loss of sight.  Symptoms include increased urination, increased thirst, dry mouth, hunger, unexplained weight loss, blurred vision, frequent or continuous infections and tingling or pain in the hands and/or feet.”

Is their just one type of Diabetes? Or are there different types of the disease?
"The most common variety of Diabetes Mellitus is Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes."
How are those types of Diabetes different?
  • "Type 1 Diabetes is also known as "juvenile diabetes" and "insulin-dependent diabetes."  Seventy percent of Type 1 Diabetics are diagnosed prior to the a


SIMED Patient Portal
June 2, 2014
The SIMED Patient Portal is a unique way for you to view you health information, request appointments, request prescription refills or search for billing information on your patient account all at the click of a button.  The Patient Portal is secure and contains your health information from all of your SIMED doctors. You can even download and print out your health information from the comfort of your own home.

To begin using the Patient Portal you will need to visit your SIMED physician's office and request your PIN#.  PIN numbers are unique and may only be used once to setup your personal portal account.  For security reasons, and to ensure that only you have access to your portal account, PIN numbers may not be given over the phone or via email.

Once you have your PIN# you can click on the
PATIENT PORTAL link here or on the button found on the right hand side of this website to register.

We've put together this brief video to show you some of the things you can do with your new patient portal account.


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