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Can Natural Supplements Ease Migraines?
May 18, 2015
Migraines are a complex disorder characterized by recurring headaches that are usually one-sided, cause throbbing head/neck pain, are intensified with physical activity, and last 4-72 hours. Common symptoms include sensitivity to light and noise, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and food intolerance. Some individuals may have symptoms before the actual migraine which is called an aura and are most commonly visual disturbances.  SIMED Interventional Pain Management's Daniel Schaffer, MD explains more on the topic and how some natural supplements may ease the pain and frequency for some migraine sufferers.Daniel Schaffer, MD | Supernatural Wellness | SIMED Health

Migraine headaches affect about 13% of Americans every year, approximately 17% of women and 6% of men. Some may have mild or infrequent migraines, while other migraine sufferers may be dramatically impacted by their migraines. Migraines are estimated to have a cost of $17 billion annually including doctor visits, medications, and lost productivity. Headaches should be evaluated by a physician.

Supplements for Migraine Prevention:
A recent literature review, published in 2012 in the journal Headache, updated and combined recommendations for migraine prevention therapy. These recommendations from the American Headache Society (AHS) and American Academy of Neurology (AAN) include prescription medications, but also include various over-the-counter supplements which have proven beneficial in migraine prophylaxis in several well-designed


SIMED Welcomes Rakesh Sharma, MD
May 1, 2015
SIMED is pleased to announce that beginning June 1, 2015, Rakesh Sharma,MD will be joining SIMED Primary Care. Dr. Sharma is currently accepting new patients.  To schedule your appointment, please call (352) 224-2225.

Rakesh Sharma, MD

Doctor Linda Grover of SIMED Womens Health with a New Research Study for Premenopausal Women
April 26, 2015
Reconect Study for Premenopausal Women | SIMED Research | SIMED HealthIs decreased Sexual Desire affecting your Connection?

Take the next step to reconnect!

The Reconnect Study is a clinical research study evaluating the safety and effectiveness of a “take as needed” investigational medication for [premenopausal] women with decreased sexual desire.

You may qualify if you:

  • Have experienced a decrease in your sexual desire over time
  • Feel distressed about this decreased sexual desire
  • Have been in a committed relationship for at least six months
  • Have not yet gone through menopause

For more information and to see if you qualify please contact:

SIMED Research
(352) 333-3885

Is the Pneumonia Vaccine Right For You?
April 13, 2015
"People age 65 and older should get two separate vaccines to protect against pneumonia and other infections, a change of decades-old advice, according to new health guidelines.

An advisory panel to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently recommended that people get a second vaccine, called Prevnar 13, because of limitations with the older shot, called Pneumovax 23." (WSJ, Sept 1, 2014)

We ask SIMED Pulmonology physician Jorge Camacho, MD to touch base on the new indications for pneumonia vaccine (Prevnar 13) and what that might mean to you or your loved ones.
Jorge Camacho, MD | SIMED Pulmonology | SIMED Health
Pneumococcal infections including pneumonia and meningitis are common and up until recently the only vaccine recommended for adults was the PPSV23.

Starting in 2014 the United States Advisory Committee on Immunization practices recommended a new pneumococcal vaccine known as PCV13 with the commercial name of Prevnar 13.

This type of vaccine has been shown to be very effective in preventing invasive pneumococcal infections in children causing a dramatic decrease in that type of infections. Randomized trials were done in adults finding the vaccine to be highly effective as well, because of that the recommendations changed.

The current recommendation is to vaccinate every adult above the age of 65 with the 2 available vaccines. The Prevnar 13 vaccine should be given first followed by the PPSV23 6 to 12 months later.  In those who have already received PPSV23, at least one year should elapse before


SIMED Patient Portal
June 2, 2014
The SIMED Patient Portal is a unique way for you to view your health information, request appointments, request prescription refills or search for billing information on your patient account all at the click of a button.  The Patient Portal is secure and contains your health information from all of your SIMED doctors. You can even download and print out your health information from the comfort of your own home.

To begin using the Patient Portal you will need to visit your SIMED physician's office and request your PIN#.  PIN numbers are unique and may only be used once to setup your personal portal account.  For security reasons, and to ensure that only you have access to your portal account, PIN numbers may not be given over the phone or via email.

Once you have your PIN# you can click on the
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