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Since 1998 First Care has provided prompt, quality urgent care to North Central Florida families. Our urgent care staff take pride in our friendly, caring atmosphere, where our physicians take the time to listen to our patient's concerns. First Care Urgent Care treats most urgent medical conditions and can coordinate specialist referrals, as needed. Physical exams, general medical care and occupational medicine are major components of the First Care Urgent Care practice. Please allow us the privilege to serve you, your family and your business.

First Care is a Full Service Occupational & Urgent Care Clinic.

Our clinic is able to diagnose & treat the following:

  • Colds, flu, sinus infections
  • Lacerations, wounds, burns
  • Sprains, fractures, acute back pain, arthritis, acute muscle strains
  • Eye abrasions, foreign bodies, infections
  • Ear infections, swimmer's ear, wax impactions
  • Allergic reactions, stings, rashes, dermatitis
  • High blood pressure, circulatory problems
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Initial diagnosis of diabetes, thyroid diseases, ulcers, gastritis
  • Urinary, prostate, vaginal infections
  • Sexually transmitted diseases 
  • HIV testing
  • Vaccinations
  • Car accidents, whiplash, contusions, abrasions
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride evaluation
  • Physicals (Employment, Camp, School, Sports, etc...)
  • Wellness Exams (Men & Women)
  • Employment Drug Screens
  • Workers Compensation & Occupational Medicine
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 Gainesville | 4343 Newberry Road
                         | Gainesville, FL 32607 
 10  Mon-Fri | 7AM - 6PM
 Office: (352) 373-2340  
Fax: (352) 373-3140 





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