The physicians of SIMEDHealth Pulmonology are committed to providing exceptional pulmonary medicine and compassionate patient care. SIMEDHealth Pulmonology treats diseases or problems with the lungs and respiratory systems, like pneumonia, COPD, tuberculosis, chest infection, and more.


Our pulmonary physicians help patients enjoy a more active lifestyle by maintaining their physical health with pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. Our board-certified doctors specialize in pulmonary diseases, critical care medicine, sleep medicine, and internal medicine. These responsive, diligent pulmonary physicians and our on-site respiratory therapists have more than 40 years of combined experience in pulmonary care for the local community. Also, one of our physicians speaks Spanish to help with the language barrier for patients.


We believe that active participation in your health care, combined with the right medical support, can enhance your quality of life. Our goal is to provide our patients with excellent support, resources, and treatment possibilities by partnering with your primary care physician and other health care providers.



 Gainesville | 4343 Newberry Road

                         | Gainesville, FL 32607 


 Mon-Fri | 8AM - 5PM

 Office: (352) 375-0302  

Fax: (352) 371-0456 

Chiefland | 1315 NW 21st Ave

        | Chiefland, FL 32626


 Mon - Thurs | 8AM - 5PM 

Office: (352) 375-0302

Fax: (352) 371-0456

Meet Our Pulmonology Providers