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Oct 2019

Five Myths About Breast Cancer: Busted

By: Liz Whitehead | Tags: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Linda Grover, Gynecology, Women's Health

October, most associated with pumpkins, and changing temperatures, is also commonly associated with the color pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to, As of January of this year, 3.1 million women have a history of breast cancer in the United States. We talked to SIMEDHealth Gynecologist Dr. Linda Grover about some common myths that still surround this cancer despite the overwhelming amount of pink showcased this month.

1) Finding a lump in the breast means you have breast cancer.


Sep 2019

High Cholesterol: Protecting You and Your Children

By: Liz Whitehead | Tags: National Cholesterol Education Month, Primary Care, Dr. Gabriele DeMori

About two-thirds of adults say they have had their cholesterol checked within the last five years, according to the CDC. However, about 33.5% of American adults are living with high cholesterol. September is National Cholesterol Education Month and primary care physician Dr. Gabriele DeMori about what patients and their kids can do to keep themselves healthy.