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Jul 2019

Quick Tips that Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

By: Liz Whitehead | Tags: Minority Mental Health Month, psychology, Dr. Cathleen Civiello

18.6% of Black adults, 16.3% of Latino adults, 13.9% of Asian adults, and 28.3% of American Indian and Alaskan Native adults are living with a mental health condition. LGBTQ+ individuals are two times more likely to have a mental health condition than straight and conforming adults. These communities not only struggle with access to resources but also struggle with the stigma that surrounds depression, anxiety, and other disorders.


Jul 2019

Everyone Deserves a Massage!

By: Liz Whitehead | Tags: Massage Week, Massage Therapy, Linda Pineiro, Fit For Life

One may think of getting a massage as a relaxing activity done at a day spa, which is true, but getting this form of therapy done regularly could help with other mental and physical ailments. The first week in June is Everyone Deserves a Massage week, so we found out how beneficial massage therapy can be by talking to licensed massage therapist Linda Pineiro of SIMEDHealth Physical Therapy. 


Jun 2019

The ABC's of CBD and THC

By: Liz Whitehead | Tags: CBD and THC, Dr. Robert Guskiewicz, Interventional Pain Management

CBD oils have been gaining lots of attention lately for being natural products with effectiveness in medical conditions. Cannabidiol, more commonly known as "CBD," holds a bad reputation because of its association with marijuana. Research has shown that CBD by itself can be helpful for people with diseases such as Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and Alzheimer's. We discussed CBD and related topics with SIMEDHealth's Interventional Pain Management physician Dr. Robert Guskiewicz