SIMEDHealth | Allergy & AsthmaAllergy & Asthma

The physicians of SIMEDHealth Allergy & Asthma have helped many patients reduce or eliminate their allergy or asthma induced reactions. Our physicians are dedicated to determining the cause of your reaction and formulating a treatment plan.

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SIMEDHealth | Hand CenterHand Center

SIMEDHealth Hand Center providers in Ocala and The Villages understand that your hands and upper extremities are extremely important. Our physicians treat conditions affecting patients' upper extremities (fingers to elbow.)  

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SIMEDHealth | nephrologyNephrology

Our SIMEDHealth Nephrologists are committed to providing exceptional care to our patients that need help treating and preventing kidney diseases.

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SIMEDHealth | NeurologyNeurology

The physicians of SIMEDHealth Neurology are dedicated to providing compassionate, expert care for a variety of neurological disorders and conditions. 

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SIMED | Pain ManagementPain Management

The Board Certified physicians of SIMEDHealth Interventional Pain Management have the ability to help you find relief for your pain. 

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SIMEDHealth | Foot and Ankle CenterFoot & Ankle Center

SIMEDHealth Providers at our Foot and Ankle Center, understand that your feet and ankles are extremely important. Almost everything you do requires the use of your feet and ankles– taking a walk, participating in physical activity, performing at work, and multiple leisure activities.

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SIMEDHealth | PsychiatryPsychiatry

SIMEDHealth Psychiatry offers caring and compassionate treatment to help patients achieve balance, comfort, and security regarding any psychiatric disord

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SIMEDHealth | PsychologyPsychology

SIMEDHealth Psychologists provide excellent care, helping patients learn to make adaptive choices that improve their independent functioning and quality of life.

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SIMEDHealth | Pulmonology


The providers of SIMEDHealth Pulmonology are committed to helping patients enjoy a more active lifestyle by maintaining their physical health with sleep, critical care, and pulmonary medicine.

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SIMEDHealth | RheumatologyRheumatology

The physicians of SIMEDHealth Rheumatology are Board Certified in Rheumatology and can help diagnose and treat a variety of auto-immune diseases like Arthritis, Lupus, Lyme's Disease and other problems that are more than just a little ache or pain.

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Rehabilitation Medicine

SIMEDHealth Rehabilitation Medicine focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of debilitating diseases, disorders, and injuries. Our physicians help patients rebuild their lives– without surgery.

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SIMEDHealth | Spine & NeurosurgerySpine & Neurosurgery

SIMEDHealth Spine & Neurosurgery physicians are specially trained in the treatment of complex spine and brain disorders. Our physicians offer patients a variety of options for neurological care.

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SIMEDHealth | Urgent Care at First CareUrgent Care at First Care

SIMEDHealth First Care is a full service occupational & urgent care clinic, providing prompt, quality medical care to North Central Florida families.

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SIMEDHealth | UrologyUrology

SIMEDHealth Urology specializes in treatments for a variety of conditions including prostate cancer, bladder cancer, prostate health, female and male urinary incontinence, kidney stones, and sexual dysfunction.

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SIMEDHealth | Women's HealthWomen's Health

SIMEDHealth Women's Health provides gentle, compassionate care to the women of North Central Florida. Our physicians conduct everything from routine gynecological examinations to surgical procedures using the latest robotic technology.

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