Gainesville Fine Arts Association artwork featured at SIMED in Gainesville

If you visited the Gainesville SIMED location, you may have noticed all of the wonderful art along the walls and in the hallways. The art is provided by the Gainesville Fine Arts Association.

The Gainesville Fine Arts Association and SIMED have worked together to display art at the 4343 W Newberry Road location since the early 2000s when the SIMED central location was first built. The first GFAA show at SIMED took place right after building construction was completed. Now more than 100 pieces from over 25 artists decorate the SIMED location's walls. The feedback from staff and patients has been rewarding for artists, and the exposure has allowed many pieces of art to find new homes. The art gets swapped out every three months.

About the Gainesville Fine Arts Association

The Gainesville Fine Arts Association was formed in 1923 by three close friends to “foster and encourage the study of Arts theoretically and practically through every medium.” Throughout the years, the GFAA found places for meetings, classes, sidewalk art shows and more. Through the consistent interest and effort by a growing group of Gainesville artists, the GFAA has continued to contribute to the art scene in Gainesville. At this time, GFAA has more than 300 members.

GFAA TodayThe Gainesville Fine Arts Association Gallery

Members produce art that ranges from acrylics, watercolors, oils, colored pencil pieces, and photography to ceramics, wood, fiber, collage, and other textural pieces. To see more art by GFAA artists, you can visit the gallery or another location that hosts GFAA art. GFAA showcases art at locations including SIMED, Oak Hammock, and the Millhopper and Tower Road Libraries. To become a member, you can visit their website,, or stop by the Gallery at 1314 South Main Street Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

GFAA Events

The association runs the GFAA Winter Fine Arts Fair at Tioga ever year. It is currently in its 11th year. They also sponsor the Thornebrook Art Festival. On the last Friday of each month from 6 to 9 p.m., GFAA hosts an ArtWalk reception that highlights the new theme of the month.

GFAA History

After its foundation in 1923, GFAA had monthly meetings, brought exhibits to the city, and presented art lectures. Continuing through the war, GFAA offered painting classes for adults and children, sidewalk art shows, art jamborees and auctions, and children exhibits. Members sent out the first newsletter in 1963.

In 1973, the Association was rechartered by the state of Florida and was granted non-profit status in 1978. In 1985, the association held the Outdoor Autumn Show and the first “Summer Showcase” exhibit.

In December 2015, the GFAA moved into their first “home”. The GFAA Gallery, 1314 S Main Street, houses an art gallery, workshop space, classes, and meeting space. The gallery was formed in partnership with Scott and April Schroeder of the Business Journal and Liquid Creative and with the assistance of Keith Perry, the building owner.

Today, subjects and guest speakers bring large crowds. The shows, exhibits, workshops, and outside venues have increased in numbers and locations, giving members more options to display their work and learn new techniques. They also continue to provide more art opportunities for the Gainesville community.

The GFAA believes very strongly in collaboration and has done so with Santa Fe College, the Friends of Elementary Arts, Gainesville Modern, Jest Fest, and more. They support student artists, whether in the school system or in after school opportunities, through donations to Rawlings Elementary, Sidney Lanier, and others.

View pieces by the Gainesville Fine Arts Association at SIMED’s central location, 4343 West Newberry Road in Gainesville.