Allergies are the most common chronic condition worldwide, with more than 50 million Americans suffering each year.  People can have allergic reactions to pet dander, latex, or certain types of food. The allergy we are talking about today though is Rhinitis or Hay Fever. Common symptoms are sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, watery eyes and itchy nose, eyes, and roof of the mouth.

We sat down with our allergist Dr. Mercedes Pernice to get some tips to help you survive allergy season.


  1. If your allergist prescribes a medication for you, make sure you take it especially during pollen season.
  2. But don’t take more medication than recommended in an attempt to lessen your symptoms.
  3. Try to lessen the amount of time you’re outside. Don’t do a lot of yard work, or mow the lawn.
  4. With the nice spring weather, it can be tempting to keep the windows open at night for extended periods of time. This is not a good idea though because pollens and mold can come in and cause irritation.
  5. Take a vacation, whether extended stay or day trip, during pollen season to a more pollen-free area, for example, the beach.


If you aren’t seeing any change in your symptoms even with medication, it is time to see an allergist. Plus if you start experiencing sinus issues including recurring sinus infections, asthma, coughing, and/or recurring ear infections an appointment with an experienced allergist is necessary.

Allergists such as D. Pernice can help you choose a new treatment option, help identify other environmental or allergic triggers, and prescribe oral steroids or other medication, just to name a few. If your allergies are acting up, click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pernice today!