Roz Miller’s artwork has been described as a visual symphony. Look twice and you’ll see new details pop out that you wouldn’t catch at first glance. 

Now featured on the second floor of our Gainesville 4343 location, Miller’s artwork keeps the viewer’s eyes continually travelling across the canvas. Although she's a live long Gainesville resident, she has studied design in Florida, New York City and Oregon alongside nationally recognized workshop instructors. Her painting syle has been described by many as “passion on a brush.”

She welcomes the challenge of converting blank canvas into a dynamic painting by juxta-positioning different textures, colors and shapes. Specializing in harmonizing her art with surrounding décor, Miller creates commissioned works to fit any space or color scheme for offices and homes.

Stop by the second floor at our Gainesville location to check out her work and the rest of the new Gainesville Fine Arts Association gallery, covering 3 floors of art.