One may think of getting a massage as a relaxing activity done at a day spa, which is true, but getting this form of therapy done regularly could help with other mental and physical ailments. The first week in June is Everyone Deserves a Massage week, so we found out how beneficial massage therapy can be by talking to licensed massage therapist Linda Pineiro of SIMEDHealth Physical Therapy. 

1.    What are the different types of techniques used for this form of therapy?
In a general sense, massage therapy is a consistent course of massages, which is just a manipulation of the tissue and muscles of the body, whether that be pressing, rubbing, or moving. 

Different types of massage include Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Hot Stone, Connective Tissue Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Neuromuscular Therapy, Thai, Prenatal, and Chair. SIMEDHealth massage therapy provides Swedish, Connective Tissue Therapy, and Neuromuscular therapy. All these types have different advantages and disadvantages and come with specific techniques. Swedish massage increases blood circulation and promotes muscle relaxation while Connective Tissue and Neuromuscular therapy are deep tissue massages that aim to relieve pain and improve mobility.

2.    What are some illnesses or ailments that massage would help?

There are many benefits to getting regular massage therapy to manage health maladies and stress. Common conditions that this control is migraines, lower back pain, chronic ailments, anxiety, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain. Also, massages can be used to enhance injury rehabilitation. There have been studies done that suggest massages can reduce blood pressure, improve sleep quality, and improve circulation. 

4.    Mentally, how does massage help?

Massage therapy has been known to improve mood, reduce fatigue, reduce symptoms of depression, and anxiety. When someone is not feeling at their best mentally, a massage can be a great pick me up. The massage therapist can help them relax and step away from the things that are getting them worked up. 

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