Peter Senesac’s painting style lives somewhere between impressionism and abstract. Towing the line between what appears in the natural world and what appears in a dream.

Just below his paintings lining the lobby walls reads his artist statement:

“Painting, for me, is a chance to explore alternate views of reality. My intention is not to paint a particular place but to create a mood, to encourage the viewer to daydream, to remember, to invent a story.”

Senesac often paints on location or based on sketches of natural scenes. From there he veers off to different color schemes or abstract points of view. His subjects range from the horizon of a sunny beach scene to, hay bales in a Florida prairie to shapes and colors you might see in a forest. Senesac likes for the light to tell the story behind his work.

To create different styles, Senesac uses acrylics, oils and watercolors. Sometimes applied to canvas, paper or wooden panels, with palette knives, brushes or his bare hands, each painting is finished with a protective varnish.  

Senesac is not only a painter, but is a self-taught blacksmith and has been making and selling jewelry in Gainesville for over 20 years.

Stop by the SIMEDHealth lobby at our Gainesville location to check out his work and the rest of the new Gainesville Fine Arts Association gallery, with 145 artworks by 32 Gainesville Fine Arts Association members. This gallery also highlights the works of Roz Miller, now through October 26th.