The goal of SIMEDHealth Psychology is to focus on our patient's wellbeing, instead of on their illness. SIMEDHealth Psychology providers teach coping techniques through cognitive therapy and family therapy. Our psychologists are dedicated to assisting the patient in learning how to make adaptive choices that improve their quality of life. Some examples of SIMEDHealth Psychology interventions include:

  • Neuropsychological assessment & screening for mental status changes related to aging, trauma, and medical illness
  • Help to manage and cope with chronic disease
  • Help to manage your pain
  • Psychotherapy for anxiety/depression reactions to chronic and acute medical illness
  • Help to avoid preventable disease
  • Assist in Workers Compensation Quality of Life Cases
  • Psychological evaluations for surgical procedures, such as spinal cord stimulator trials, lap band, and gastric bypass surgery
  • Assist in relaxation and stress management
  • Assess patient competency and capacity to make health care decisions
  • Provide post-surgical emotional adjustment assessment/psychotherapy
  • Perform Social Security Disability Evaluations

The providers of SIMEDHealth Psychology are also able to assist patients in managing stress related to medical conditions. Our goal is to enable our patients to develop effective coping mechanisms for dealing with their pain and related stressors. More importantly, we want to change the patients' response to their medical condition from passive, reactive, or helpless to active, resourceful, and competent. Our providers work with you to promote behaviors that will improve your chances of recovering from your medical condition.


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 Gainesville | 4343 Newberry Road
                         | Gainesville, FL 32607 
 2   Mon-Fri | 8AM - 5PM
 Office: (352) 332-9441  
Fax: (352) 331-6550 
 Ocala | 3305 SW 34th Circle
       | Ocala, FL 34474 
 Mon-Thu | 8AM - 5PM
Fri | 8AM - 2PM
 Office: (352) 224-2275  
Fax: (352) 732 - 7134
Chiefland | 1315 NW 21st Avevue,
                | Chiefland, FL 32626 
 2 Tue & Thu | 8AM - 5PM
Office: (352) 332-9441  
Fax: (352) 331-6550 




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